Toyota OEM SMT Hydraulic Pump Unit HPU – MR2 Spyder – Rebuilt


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OEM hydraulic pump assembly. Fits ALL SMT equipped MR2 Spyder models, 5- and 6-speed. Yes. REALLY. If you have an SMT MR2 the IS the right pump for your car.

These pumps do go bad. If your pump runs more than 40 seconds when you open the car door before driving the car then it’s probably not generating or maintaining proper pressure. This will often but not always trigger an error code.

We fully disassemble these units, clean them internally to remove years of SMT fluid residue and corrosion, install new seals and replace any worn parts. Then we thoroughly test these units to ensure 100% functionality. Includes accumulator and solenoids, does not include pressure sensor (shown in pics, but is not included).

MWR takes the time to thoroughly clean, insect and functionally test the solenoids – we have not heard of any other rebuilder going to these lengths to ensure perfect operation of the rebuilt unit. These solenoids are a common source of failure which may not even happen right away so having full confidence of their operation is vital!

There is a 6 month exchange warranty on this unit. If you install it and have any problems with it within 6 months we will exchange it for another rebuilt unit at no cost.

Be sure to order new SMT FLUID when servicing the SMT system. You must also reset the transmission ECU and perform the relearn function after installation. Any Toyota dealer can do this or it can be done with Techstream software.

Because of the nature of electrohydraulic components we ABSOLUTELY cannot accept any returns for this item. Exchange only in case of a defective unit.

This rebuilt unit is sold with a core charge. You pay the core charge now so we ship the unit to you immediately. Once you have your car up and running you can then ship your old HPU unit back to us for a refund of the core charge or you may keep the old HPU unit. Just mark your order #  and CORE on the outside of the package when sending core in and we’ll refund after receiving it.

Same unit as 31360-0W011, these units are all IDENTICAL and INTERCHANGEABLE

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Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 in


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