Toyota OEM Transmission – E153 5-speed LSD

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***These transmissions are extremely difficult to get. They are being flown in direct from Japan in extremely limited quantities. If this item is visible on our website that means it’s in stock…for now!***

This is the correct E153 transmission to use with our E153 swap kits.

Brand new OEM transmission from Toyota. Fits MWR’s E153 transmission conversion kits.

Original equipment in 1993-95 MR2 Turbo models worldwide. Equipped with optional viscous LSD (limited slip differential)

Can be installed in any 1991-99 MR2 Turbo if you use the correct LSD-spec axle stub shafts. Or swap an aftermarket LSD unit or an OEM open differential into it and you can use the non-LSD-spec axle stub shafts.

1st 3.230
2nd 1.913
3rd 1.258
4th 0.918
5th 0.731
Final Drive 4.285

Does NOT include stub axles. If you have an MR2 Turbo that was not originally equipped with LSD you will need both LSD-style stub axles. We can only supply the short left side unit- the right side unit is not available separately new.


Additional information

Weight 146 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 24 in


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