XClutch Clutch Kit – Lotus, Toyota 2ZZ 1ZZ All – Stage 2 Ceramic Sprung Full-face


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Designed primarily for use on track and with significant engine upgrades, this clutch is also capable of street use but will not be as smooth or last as long as an organic clutch. The full face version does feature a marcel spring inside of the disc which cushions engagement and makes this clutch friendlier to street use and driveline durability compared to the standard ceramic disc


  • Maximum engine torque rating: 390Nm (290 ft-lb)
  • Upgraded steel pressure plate (clutch cover) for improved clutch feel, maximum durability and 40% more clamping force than standard 2ZZ pressure plate
  • Single sprung full face cushioned ceramic disc for increased torque and heat capacity in extreme conditions, maintaining some street manners

2005-12 Elise, Exige, 2-eleven with 2ZZ, 1ZZ engine (All)
2000-05 Celica MT All
2000-05 MR2 Spyder All
1998-08 Corolla, Matrix, Vibe All

XClutch is the American performance division of Australian Clutch Services. With over 25 years of experience, our performance kits are designed and developed to provide the ultimate clutch solution for the street or the track.
XClutch (Also known in other markets as “Xtreme Clutch”) kits and components are designed and tested in-house at Australian Clutch Services which is based in South Australia. The range includes a wide variety of performance options including heavy duty, single plate road clutches all the way through to carbon clutches for time attack and drag racing. The XClutch range draws on our experiences in the Australian and European markets, but is tailored to suit the American car park. Each kit is carefully designed to ensure it provides the attributes required for the specific vehicle use.

Performance for the street
XClutch utilizes in-house testing equipment to ensure that each clutch is extensively tested and altered before being offered on the market. Our performance upgrades for the street have been designed specifically with this in mind and include the latest technology to allow for excellent feel, noise and vibration reduction. Now you can have a performance clutch that really works on the street.

Motorsport Clutch Kits and accessories
With the knowledge gained over years of supplying performance upgrades to race teams around the world, XClutch engineers are able to develop numerous performance upgrade options for a huge range of vehicles. Our motorsport clutch kits start at basic ceramic and carbon kits for lightly modified track day vehicles and club level racing all the way through to multi-disc, alloy cover performance kits designed specifically to handle the stresses of high level motorsport including drifting, circuit racing and specialist categories such as Time Attack or Hillclimbing. XClutch performance upgrades are used by teams around the world including 3x Irish Drift Champion Duane McKeever and 2x British Drift Champion Matt Carter (below image).

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Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 6 in