SMT System Repair – MR2 Spyder SMT 2001-05 $3995 Max

Monkeywrench Racing has more experience with the problematic SMT (sequential manual transmission) system than any other shop. We have a stockpile of new, rebuilt and used replacement parts and even full transmissions in stock at all times. We can easily diagnose an issue and go straight to the root of the problem, resolving it on the first try. Even a well trained Toyota dealer tech is at the mercy of Toyota’s repair flow chart for this application; basically, they just start replacing components blindly at several thousand dollars a pop. The final repair bill often exceeds the value of the car. For us attempting to diagnose over the phone usually proves impossible and repair is ultimately up to the inexperienced local mechanic to perform.

Send your SMT MR2 Spyder to us! There is some transport cost to consider but compare that to the $7-9k bills commonly racked up at a Toyota dealer and MWR is the sensible choice.

We will repair any SMT system issue for a flat cost of $4495 MAXIMUM including parts, labor and fluid.  If your HPU, GSA and TCU, sensors, shifter etc are all bad what’s it cost? $4495. If you’ve just got a bad sensor making things act flaky and we fix that what’s it cost? A lot less than the $4495 cap. Just the actual parts, labor and a little diagnostic time.  Most repairs will fall well below the cap. All repairs include a 6-month limited guarantee.

Want some other work done while the car is here? Great. We’re happy to work with you on any other improvements or repairs. We are the MR2 Spyder experts.

Give us a call or email at to arrange for repair. You won’t be disappointed.

Note: Customer is responsible for all transportation costs and associated liability. Wear items such as clutch, synchros (or anything internal to transmission case), axle seals etc are not considered “SMT issues” – we can do those repairs but those would be written up separately from this offer. SMT components replaced during the repair are kept by MWR as a core exchange.