Toyota/Lotus Engine Service Manuals and Tech Pages

1ZZ and 2ZZ Valve Clearance – To check your valve clearance you do not need to remove anything except for the valve cover. To change shims you must remove the cams (the referenced SST tool is not available) which can be done without removing the timing cover–see below.

1ZZ and 2ZZ VVT Sprocket Unlock

1ZZ and 2ZZ Camshaft Removal and Reinstall

2GR-FE Engine Service Manual (Camry application but others including Evora are similar/same)

TOYOTA TORQUE SPECS – This appears to be a pretty useful site for Toyota vehicles but we have not thoroughly verified all info on it. No affiliation with MWR or with Toyota. Use with caution! They seem to only have 1ZZ engine info listed, no 2ZZ stuff. Oh, and half the stuff displayed is unrelated ads so be careful where you click.