MR2-S SMT->MT Swap

2000-05 MR2 Spyder SMT to Manual Transmission Conversion

We sell a complete kit that includes everything you’ll need for the conversion: MWR SMT KIT . This is simpler than our old multi-kit setup and saves you some money as well.

How difficult is this swap?

    Shops tend to charge 20-24 hours of labor for the job. The wiring is not difficult at all and a diagram is provided. You’ll need to pull out your driver’s seat and spend some quality time with your head under the dash to get the pedal assemblies installed. You must grind a small hole in the front firewall so the master cylinder may pass through. Center console needs to come out to swap in the shifter and cables. The fuel tank does not need to be dropped to route the cables or the special MWR hydraulic hose. Swapping throttle body and shifting mechanism hardware in the engine bay is easy and there is good access. You must get under the car to install the release fork adapter.
    Note that regardless of options, the cruise control will not be functional after manual conversion.