MWR Evora

MWR Evora Exhaust system is taking Shape!
The Evora is a fabulous car, but honestly, it sounds like a Camry.
MWR’s first Exclusive Evora part will be a header/exhaust system.
Evora Prototype Exhaust!
Prototype Evora Exhaust!
MWR Evora takes to the track!
The Dyno only tells part of the story, here’s a dash cam video of a lap of Gingerman Raceway in South Haven, MI.
Stock, on original tires, it’s a really impressive car. Wait and see what it can do after we’ve made a few changes.
MWR Evora has it’s first dyno session!
MWREvora on the Dyno!
In order to see what progress we’re making, of course we need a starting point.
Below is the graph from the baseline dyno session for the MWR Evora
MWR Evora Baseline chart
As You know, we’ve been working with the 2GR Evora Engine for more than a year, developing engine parts using our own V6 Elise as a test vehicle.
We’ve had many request to develop performance parts for the Evora, but its very difficult to make parts for a car, if you don’t have the car.
The obvious solution is, get an Evora as a Development vehicle. We Did and here it is.
MWR Evora!
MWR Evora!
MWR Evora!
MWR Evora!
MWR Evora!