We need your old SMT take-off components to rebuild for other customers! Parts from any 2001-05 MR2 Spyder SMT qualify.

After you’re done with your manual swap, just pack up the units below and ship them to us with your order number and “SMT TRADE IN” on the outside of the box(es) and we’ll refund $750 of your purchase payment. We can even send you $750 if you didn’t buy the conversion kit from us! When packing the units up, PLEASE remove all of the sensors from the hydraulic units and wrap them up in additional padding so they’re protected- the fragile plastic connectors get damaged easily and the sensors are unusable if cracked. We pay $750 for the collection of parts listed below received in undamaged condition, so be sure to pack and pad them well to avoid shipping damage. Any malfunctioning of the units or sensors is of course just fine- we know you did the swap for a reason! If you have only some of the components we can pay you a smaller amount, depending in what you have. We can even supply UPS shipping labels if you’d like, just let us know weights of your boxes by email. Shipping cost would be deducted from the payout, but is usually quite inexpensive.

Parts needed:
1. Gear Shift Actuator (GSA) with sensors and solenoids (sensors not shown)
2. Hydraulic Pump Unit (HPU) with sensor and solenoids (sensor not shown)
3. The 3 hoses that connect the two units above
4. Transmission Control Unit (TCU)